Sunday, May 17, 2015

Met a talented child

Today we met a prodigious child who can narrate tables continuously up to 20 with so much ease. He does not know much three months before. He surprised all of us with his idiosyncratic way of helping 50 children rhyme tables, with his one eye closed, unnerved by the presence of many others who were just watching him. It filled our hearts, and made us reflect how systematic bad fortunes can never let such child appear before the world. It just strengthened our resolve that this initiative is worth all the cost and risks of the world.

It is up to i-Saksham now that such talents are not lost, and are done full justice.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beautiful impact of digital pedagogy on children

It was heartening to find out how digital content is improving the learning outcome of poor children who could never read/write anything in English. However, they could rhyme in English.

The video shows how fluently they are narrating 'ABCD', and a few lines in English.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

An experience of first training session

We conducted first training session of the Community Tutor today. There were around 20 youths.
The session was demanded by the tutors, in the last meeting. We had planned for trainings, but the demand was a pleasant surprise. They wanted to improve their skills so that they can deliver quality learning. Where do we hear now a days such ownership in programs with social mandate?

 “Today’s training session was even more surprising. The tutors took charge of the training. They were the trainee and the trainers. We did minor facilitations, as and when needed. They shared problems, challenges and deliberated on solutions. Somewhere we realized we were not required to share the solutions. It came from them”, shares a local facilitator.

The biggest satisfying factor was their confidence in the idea and resolve to scale up. The testimonials on the improvement in learning attainment of children was encouraging enough to keep us going. “bache jab video se dekhte hai, to agle din bhi unko lessons yaad rehte hai”; “bachon ko isse padhne me itna maza aa raha hai ki wo khud home work complete kar ke late hai”; “agla video dekhne ke liye purane video me padhayi gayi cheezon ko ache se jaldi yaad kar lete hai”

They also discussed going to new villages and involve youth with i-Saksham. And we thought, how stupid a planned SCALEUP looks in front of this, natural, felt, growth. “

The trust we had in capability of the youth to take charge of their localities is strengthened. The hypothesis of providing right inputs and let them lead, is reinforced.

Some of the topics covered in training session include:
1.       Orientation about i-Saksham
2.       Digital pedagogy and integration with State Board Syllabus
3.       Challenges of Multi-grade teaching
4.       Values and Ethics of a teacher
5.       Managing Child Behaviour

Further, these youths were provided with training with basic lessons on computer and to type on MS word.

The event has strengthened our resolve to make i-Saksham big.