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You would agree that raising a child to become a valuable and contributing human is one of the most difficult yet inevitable task. i-Saksham is trying to work with children in remote and difficult areas of the country, through local youth and technology to build the educational foundations in education. Our efforts are necessary but insufficient, both in scale as well as in nature. Anyone out there can help i-Saksham channelize your time and resources to the children and youth in these areas.
You can help in the following ways:
Mentoring a Community Tutor: Majority of the tutors are in 16-30 age group. They take up tutoring as a part-time activity and look at it as a means to further their long term goals, whether it is further studies, banking exam preparation, SSC, teaching etc. You can select one or more youth as a mentee from i-Saksham, connect with them as agreed with them (typically 10-30 minutes per week) and help them achieve what they want to. Please provide information about yourself here. We will reach out to you.
Helping with learning content:  There is dearth of Quality Learning Content in regional languages, including Hindi. There have been innovations in pedagogy, largely to cater to posh schools. You can help by
·         Translating content from sources like,
·         Referring us to good (preferably free) learning content available online or with individuals and organizations
Pedagogical research: Children are special, and so are their ways of learning. Learning, as it has been pursued in our classrooms, is typically about giving an average content aimed at average student, bypassing the individual progress. You must have felt it in most of your schooling. With the advent of technology, learning can be made more personalized, engaging and fun. And that is what we at i-Saksham aim at. In case you have a knack for pedagogy, or do know someone who does have, please connect with us here
Contribute with Funds
Substantial resources are needed to procure tablets and learning content (in case it is not free), localizing content, training tutors, reaching out to them from time to time for capacity building and monitoring purposes. We plan to cover the remote, difficult and yet unserved locations. And we want to reach there faster, to meet the need of rising demographic opportunity (which could well turn into a disaster, if not nurtured well). Please contribute to the cause of reaching out to 5 million children and youth in next 10 years by donating here.

Fund raising help
You can connect us with good people, organizations and initiatives who can help us with our cause. Further, you can celebrate your birthday, anniversary, promotion, new car and other happy moments by gifting learning opportunity to children in most difficult circumstances.  You can run funding campaigns as individual or as a group.

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