Thursday, October 20, 2022

Educate Girl Programme- Singarpur Survey Process


Kajal Goswami shares her field experience working under the Educate Girl programme of Edu leader. Kajal and Rajni were assigned with the task of collecting survey data from Singarpur. They set out to work at 10 in the morning and began by making a rough sketch or an overview map of the village, strategizing as there were about four wards in the village. However, these efforts proved to be futile as due to the geographical area that was greater than expected. To better grasp the features of the village they decided to call former edu leaders Abhishek and Neetu. Neetu suggested approaching ward members of the village as they could guide with the proceedings. They went to the house of a ward member and met Ruby Sharma who, while hesitant at first, was extremely impressed by the motives of Kajal and Rajni. She therefore decided to call up her Husband Murari Sharma. With skepticism, he asked questions about the utility of the survey and upon understanding the depth of the survey activities and the inclination, Edu-leaders were more than happy to guide them and support them in any which manner possible. Thus, the overview map was successfully created, and it turned out that Mr. Murari Sharma was also a teacher and educator himself. The survey team was beyond happy and motivated by the kindness of Mr. Sharma who expressed his willingness to participate in the survey and solve any issues or miscommunications that might arise during the following process of data collection. Thus, the first day of making a vision and action plan was fruitful and Kajal ended the day by talking to a few more locals residing in the area before returning.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

November Agenda at Chaugai


Rokhsar Afroz gives insights on the happenings of the cluster meetings that take place on a regular basis to discuss and present the viewpoints of the stakeholders in the Edu-leader community. The latest meeting occurred on 25th October in Government Middle School, Chaugai. The meeting kicked off at 10.30 in the morning with Ms. Sujata joined in as the Buddy of the meet. Roshkar was extremely happy to see a new face join in as the buddy, as a means to introduce them to the foundations of the activities so as to get them accustomed to the agenda. To introduce Zen environment and maximize productivity the meet started off with a meditation which while difficult to follow through for over five minutes gave a boost to the overall morale. Then there was a song rendition of Taar Ki Gaon Mein, Chanda Ki Chhaon Mein. The three main areas of focus that were carried forward from the previous meeting were the achievements, challenges ahead and the good that was being achieved every day. Short and long-term goals were discussed, and it was decided to curb underage drinking among the school students of the village by taking mitigation steps for the month of November.

The Action plan to achieve this included- Having open communication channels with the children to address their problems as well as get to the root cause of their indulgence in the activity. Discussing the topic of Alcoholism in Assembly to make them aware of the health risks associated as well as understand the parent involvement through dialogue with the student’s guardian.

The meeting ended with a fun game of Tiger, Wall and Gun which is very similar to Stone, Paper and Scissor with the victor claiming the highest score.