Friday, June 19, 2020

In our previous blog post, we shared how one of our ex-intern from Yale School of Management shared about her experience with i-Saksham. Here is another post capturing one such experience story of a visitor "Vineet Sabharwal" who works at McKinsey and visited i-Saksham a few years ago.

"Meeting the i-Saksham family a couple of years ago was a surreal experience for me. I had heard a lot about the commitment and passion with which the team had been working tirelessly to create a system of education that was still alien to large parts of the country

However, seeing them in action on their Karma Bhoomi was inspirational beyond imagination. They had penetrated the hearts and minds of the local communities in creating and delivering innovative classroom experiences for young students in areas where finding a functional school building was more difficult than finding high-speed internet. Whether it was language or mathematics, the engagement in the classroom was meticulously planned and delivered effectively with the help of technology by young local volunteers who had been trained well by the i-Saksham team. And the result was clearly evident in the eyes of young students, eager to participate at each step of the learning process. It was truly heartwarming and reassuring to know that the future of these kids was in the right hands. Meeting the i-Saksham family a couple of years ago continues to inspire me to support the team in every possible way."

-Vineet Sabharwal

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