Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cluster Meeting in Rampur Village

Edu leader Seema from Batch 6 of Neema village shares another instance of the Cluster meetings that take place regularly organized by the Panchayat Bhawan of Rampur village. All the 12 Edu-leaders who attended the meeting started off by sharing their experiences of the week and meditating to have an overall positive outlook before deep diving into the agenda. The meeting highlighted the importance of improving the cleanliness levels in schools as well as inculcating the principle of conserving water throughout the village. To keep up with the Smart goals of the previous meeting it was founded that Rampur village had improved in these domains by 80% and in Neema region by 85% with a cumulative improvement of 75%.

Before setting new Smart goals, the meet decided to complete the backlog tasks right from getting the door fixed in Neema school, arranging for carpets in Rampur school as well as fixing the floors in Aamas school. The Edu-leaders could also work on their own agenda for attaining the goals and present it for feedback. The meeting ended with a flourish with everybody looking forward to completing their tasks.

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