Saturday, April 7, 2018

Experience sharing from Sonam Bharati, i-Saksham Fellow

Comments from Sonam Bharati, one of the i-Saksham Fellows

"Good evening. Before I want to tell you that last day(Sunday) my lesson plan not complete. So, today I taught from back day lesson plan and according to my Hindi, English and we learn English lesson plan complete today. At first I started class mediation and back class on large discuss. Children one by one told me about people back day came from my school center visit. After that discuss
on story (kitne crow). I found that children understand toओ(ो)  ki matra and recognize to Hindi letter. I English class started with a small game activity and after that I asked all students one by one English words related  from our food . children recognize to alphabets and learned to missing words. At last time some children given to self introduction. Similarly, today's end my class."

बच्चे 'ओ' की मात्रा वाले कार्ड पहचानते हुए 

Sonam Bharati's lesson plan

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