Tuesday, July 16, 2019

i-Saksham in Partnership with Jeevika: Empowering Communities by Providing Quality Education

i-Saksham, on 6th March 2019 singed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (BRLPS) which is an independednt and autonomous society established by the Government of Bihar. 

BRLPS aims to improve rural livelihood options and works towards social and economic empowerment of the rural poor and women and it intervenes with the communit through institution and capacity building, social development, microfinance, sanitation, health, nutrition and livelihood development. It also focuses on women and strives to create sistainable livelihoods through self managed community institutions, to provide greater access to social protection and establish strong voices in the community. 

With the partnership in action, the community based organizations (SHGs/VOs/CLFs) nurtured by BRLPS will mobilize and develop edu-leaders to enrich education experiences of children in resource deprived extremism affected regions. This will also empower women in the region by letting them choose the potential candidate who can act as edu-leader in the community and work towards bettering the life prospects of children. These women being from the same communities where other people are less bothered about education, will help spread the knowledge about the importance of education thereby sensitizing the communities towards it. 

This joint effort can lead to the improvement of grade appropriate learning outcomes among poor children and help youth in the communities to serve as role-models for others along with seeking better life opportunities. 

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