Wednesday, July 17, 2019

i-Saksham: Creating Awareness and Building Leaders of Tomorrow in Rural India

As a proverb says "Do not teach kids how to count, teach them what counts the most". It is very important for children in today's world to be active citizens of tomorrow. For this, efforts are required not just in academic education but towards building creativity, leadership and knowledge among children of the world. 

Such kind of efforts are mostly seen in Urban parts of the country, but the rural India still remains deprived of it. i-Saksham is bringing a wave of change by making children in rural parts of the country  aware about important events of the country and the world, thereby letting children spread the words of knowledge in their communities. 

To bring about this change, i-Saksham fellows who are teaching in government schools (part time) or learning centers of their own are celebrating important national and international events with their students and communities to make them aware of the great history associated with the events and acknowledging their creativity through celebrations. These children take part in debates, give speeches and take up marches at their learning centers and communities to sensitize everyone regarding important issues and days associated with them.

In the past few months, our fellows have celebrated World Health Day where children at few learning centers took up the march and sang slogans to spread awareness in the community regarding the importance of health and hygiene.

In the month of April, children painted on papers and saw videos on saving the planet earth during the occasion of International Mother Earth Day. 

On the other hand, International Yoga Day came up as a surprising one where i-Saksham fellows and their students across all their learning centers and schools woke up early morning and did yoga along with learning the importance of it. There were tiny tiny hands on the nostrils try to do "anulom-vilom" asanaas and kids aged about 7-8 trying their best to meditate. The kids were on cloud 9 and few have them have started with doing yoga every morning. 


Through the celebration of such events, i-Saksham is trying to make both children and their communities realize the importance of national/international days along with making them feel important as building blocks of the nation. We hope to develop children as better citizens of tomorrow and actively engage in activities important for nation building and their personal development. 

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