Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Learning and Teaching English- Leslie

Every Saturday, all of i-Saksham’s current fellows, with a bunch of ex-fellows, flock to the Jamui center for a morning of training and a socialising of sorts with fellow tutors and the i-Saksham team. This weekly training session includes a motley of exercises to help build the fellow’s knowledge in a particular subject, from English, Hindi and Math. For the past two months, the training has intrinsically focussed on building the English language capabilities of the fellows - written and spoken. To this effect, the activities revolve around written and spoken comprehension, vocabulary among others, the recent addition to which was the ‘Role Play’ exercised which encouraged fellows to enact a short play in English, to a given circumstance, right from scratch. 

One of the exercises includes reading out parts of a poem in English, explaining it to the rest of the fellows in the learning circle, and eventually reconstructing the poem again in your own words. However, the fellow needs to ensure the sequence of events in the poem is followed. In this exercise particularly, Rohit Kumar shines through - not only narrating the story effectively, but also assisting his fellow participants in the process. 

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