Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Discovering New Horizons: Nandini's Inspiring Journey of Confidence, Self-Belief, and Courage!

    Nandini Singh, an alumna of the i-Saksham edu-leaders' fellowship, has embarked on an inspiring journey that she eagerly shares with us today. Her story begins in 2020, during the challenging times of the pandemic when she joined i-Saksham Edu-leaders’ fellowship’s 5th cohort. It was a significant step for Nandini as she decided to step out of her comfort zone and take the leap beyond the threshold of her familiar surroundings.


At the outset, Nandini faced apprehension and uncertainty as she vividly remembers the initial trepidation (fear) she felt when she returned home in the evening after her first day with i-Saksham. The support from her family was not immediate, but she discovered an inner strength and belief in herself and her abilities. With each passing day, Nandini's dedication and hard work began to shine, gradually garnering the recognition and support of her family.

    Throughout her journey in the Edu-leader fellowship, Nandini dedicated herself wholeheartedly to her work, leaving no stone unturned to ensure its excellence. Her relentless efforts paid off, and she soon played a significant role as a peer mentor within i-Saksham. She approaches her responsibilities with dedication daily and strives to do and learn better each time. 

    Nandini received a job offer from the Aditya Birla Academy, an organization that recruits trainers to facilitate training for government teachers. Initially, she didn't fully grasp the significance of the opportunity, as i-Saksham had presented her with several offers in the past. However, a sense of unease crept in during the selection process, casting doubt on her decision. The idea of leaving her district and her seven-year-old child, and seeking permission from her family seemed like formidable challenges to overcome, she gathered the courage to embark on this new opportunity. 

    Summoning her courage, Nandini took the leap toward her aspirations. Despite her initial fears, she quickly realized the latent power within her. The professors and lecturers she encountered at Aditya Birla Academy were unaware of her relatively short experience in the field. Nandini's dedication, supported by i-Saksham's confidence-building initiatives, allowed her to showcase her true potential. Her commitment and skill in the role made others assume she had been in this line of work for a decade or more.

"Within me lies a tremendous power that I discovered after joining this program (training the teachers). The teachers, professors, and lecturers who come to our program have no idea that I have been working for two years post-fellowship. They assume that I have been doing this work for the past 10 or 12 years. They don't realize that I lack that many years of experience. But with the support and confidence given by i-Saksham, I have shown my true potential. What more could describe better about the transformation of my personality that has been polished by i-Saksham's support?", shares Nandini.

oday, Nandini is brimming with happiness and pride. After touring the campus and meeting Dr. Vandana, her husband shares her joy and admiration.

While Nandini humbly mentioned that her name appeared in Dainik Bhaskar (newspaper), her husband revealed his unspoken pride in her accomplishments. 

Nandini attributes her success to the unwavering guidance and support of i-Saksham, acknowledging the pivotal role the organization played in her journey.
Nandini's achievements carry immense significance as an alumna of the i-Saksham edu-leaders' fellowship. Her accomplishments represent her personal growth and success and the breaking of stereotypes and barriers marginalized girls and women face. Through her determination and support from i-Saksham, Nandini has opened doors and created opportunities that pave the way for others who face similar challenges.

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