Monday, September 16, 2019

MY GOAT - by Rohit Raina


Hello friends, today I am going to share with you about my goat,
today I clicked on it pic of you who are looking at the goat in this picture.
it is my goat, its color is white and black. We call it Memni lovingly. It looks so cute. My mother bought it at someone's place. When it was very small. In childhood, she also looked very cute. Now it has grown, it has given birth to seven children so far, some of them goats have been given by the mother to others. Just a few days ago, she again gave birth to two small children like herself. I have named both of them as Loli-Molu! These  are very naughty .Its horns has not come out yet. These are fight and fight, and also play. Sometimes it even eat the page in the wall. My mother loves to raise animals. She looks after it very well. Whenever it falls ill, treatment it to the doctor too. It tastes like grass, bread, rice and many other things. My mother takes it to the farm every day for grazez .Sometimes she brings grass herself. It also has some difficulties in raising it, sometimes it goes to another field, so you have to listen to the scolding too. When harvest time comes, it has to be tied in a peg . So that it does not go into another field. When I ask my mother about it, she tells me that I love to raise it. We love caring for animals. Along with this, my mother likes to adopt many other animals such as: - Dog,  chicken, cow etc. Also I like animal .
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