Friday, September 20, 2019

The Sky- Our Dream: By Rohit, i-Saksham batch 2 fellow


Hello friends ,
Today I was teaching children in class. Suddenly some children came out and started to make fun. I thought that children was  fighting with anyone, when I went out and saw, the children were showing something by pointing at the sky! I clicked a photo of them all. I told the kids this is a rocket. Which goes far into the sky. Then I asked everyone to go to class and started teaching. I also told the children some information related to the sky.

The word the sky is our favorite word from the beginning. We hear many stories about the sky in our childhood. Our grandparents used to tell a lot of stories about it. When we used to sleep at night, we used to dream of the sky. Sometimes I felt like flying in an airplane with my friends. Sometimes he used to see such flies! When dreaming of suddenly falling from the sky, sleep was broken. Used to play stories with friends for a long time, everyone narrated their dreams.

Trying to count stars while we slept on the terrace. It was great to hear the story of the seven brothers of the stars. Grandparents used to say, the day you count the stars you will become a king and whatever you ask for through the breaking stars will be fulfilled. We used to hear a lot about the story of the moon uncle.( chand Mama) At that time, we really considered sun and moon as one human being. When we used to get angry, we were entertained by pointing at the sky. When someone was in trouble, people would sit up and ask for prayers. Whenever we asked, it was said that God is above. They are all watching When thinking about the sky, there was a strange kind of magical feeling. Used to think if we had wings, we would fly like birds. There was a great desire to take a walk in the sky.

As we went forward. We kept learning a lot about it. Till I readers in 5th class. The sky was a mystery to us. When we moved beyond this, there was something else in the book. Chanda Mama was not written anywhere, and no Suraj was some man, and there was mention of the Suraj  does not walk We were surprised to know that our earth is a planet and it is also hanging in the sky! When we read about the planets, we understood those things very closely and went very deep. Now that flying dream did not come in the night, I do not know why he could not even see the dream. Those magical things no longer looked magical. Perhaps we knew the truth of it. We started confusing the things that used to be told to us by the stories of Chand Mama. It was no longer a dream thing with friends, it was directly done to its depth. I learned about the 9 planets which we previously knew only by day. We knew the reason for the rain from the sky. We told some of all this to our family and friends who did not even know about it. All of them also used to be surprised, is this true? He used to feel sorry for some time that, even if we had studied, today we would have had all this information too. But even today, when we look at the sky, it is childish. Looks so cute when colorful rainbows are formed in the sky, when the shining stars twinkle in the night. When clouds create new shapes. When the moon changes its shape. The rising and setting sun when the big and red - appears. The colorful clouds that make the day even more colorful. The dripping rain drops from the sky, which makes the weather even more pleasant. Our relationship with the sky is very strong, every time we keep trying to find new information from it. Scientists keep searching for it in different ways. Sometimes Mars keeps going to the moon sometimes. Many experiments were successful too, a few days ago, Chandrayaan Mission 2 was  unsuccessful. But we still stand with courage, we believe that this mission will definitely succeed next time! Great people who must have discovered the planets, when they looked at the sky, what would they think. If they thought that the sky was confined to the clouds, would we know about these things today? .........
We also want that we do not remain confined to the cloud, try to look beyond the cloud too because the sky is infinite. ......

#written by Rohit Raina

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