Monday, September 16, 2019

Our pond - By Rohit Raina


This pond is located right next situated our house. This is the largest pond in our village. There are many ponds like this. But this is the only pond from cleanliness to depth. At first it was small in size. But after digging there was a lot of difference.

This pond fills during the rainy season, but when there is no rain in the year, this pond will come to the brink of drying, which causes a lot of trouble for the animals! Many fish are also found in this pond. It also has a lotus flower. Once a year it is dried and the catch fishes .

We consider this pond sacred because in our Chhath festival of Hindus, all the people of the village take a bath in this pond and worship at this place. We also know it by the name of Chhat Ghat and Badki Ahara Pokhar .

We used to take a lot of bath in this pond in my childhood because earlier the water was clean but now gradually its importance is also decreasing. The reason is that washing clothes, bathing animals, cleaning utensils, throwing trash etc. are happening in this pond. Due to which pollution is spreading in our pond. Still animals drink of this pond. Which is a disease sign. We should not pollute the pond. This is having a huge impact on our environment. This is harming all animals.

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