Thursday, January 26, 2023

Empowering Training Sessions: by Seema, edu-leader, Batch 6, Gaya

For Seema, an Edu-leader from Batch-6, the three-day training sessions felt empowering more than anything. She says the affirming words of all the mentors who came to mentor them was extremely powerful and motivating. Kalpana Shastri especially left a deep impact on her mind. In the sessions discussing topics of woman's contribution and expectations of the society was meaningful expressing the meaningfulness of a supportive family and community in attaining one's potential. The atmosphere of the sessions was conducive to introspect and instill confidence while removing the self-imposed restraints and fear. A group activity called - ''Frog in the pond'' was conducted and then all the participants were asked to use their computer skills and an emoji making activity was done.

For Babita Kumari, the third day stood out the most as they learnt about Compassion. Up till now she had always thought of compassion as kindness, but the instructor had explained the five aspects of compassion that was more than just helping someone or about being merciful. The activities were extremely mindful supported with additional audio-visual materials.

At the end of every session a meditation was conducted to recollect the events of the day and clarify the doubts and process the information for the day while absorbing the meaningfulness of the session, that inspired greater self-confidence and felt empowering.

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