Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Joy of Project Work

In the classroom of Edu Leader Seema, the students were tasked with the activity of project presentation in front of the public wherein anyone from the village could check in and look at their work. This excited the students more than ever, When Seema inquired on the enthusiasm one student replied saying that this project goes beyond the normal grading wherein, we just get marks for the project that we submit, instead we can display our work to the public and get their feedback. This felt inspiring as they were looking forward to experiencing the thrill and beauty of their work. This was a catalyst to Seema for incorporating inventiveness in stimulating the brains of the learners- to begin the school day by asking questions instead of rote learning or static answers and presenting challenges for quick thinking which doesn't bore them and enriches learning. 

Projects also gave the children liberty to work on topics of their preference to delve deep and approach anything from different angles and express their opinions. Few of them did struggle with liking projects but upon them discussing topics with their family and friends they were more hyped to do presentations. This also means inter-disciplinary way of taking subjects and making them work together. Edu-leaders can foster learning through cooperation and trust by putting forth engaging content that encourages participation and allows the children to ask questions and give answers all the while motivating them to be better. 

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