Thursday, January 26, 2023

Drawing Inspiration - ''The First Teacher''


Naziya, an Edu-leader to engage her mind began reading books regularly and she came across a book called The First Teacher (पहला अध्यापक) which was a story of a soldier who after being injured in the war had to retire and had out of deep compassion for children had begun teaching them. 

The story is set in a time when education wasn’t formalized and compulsory for all as per the regulating laws. The soldier however taught the children by taking classes under a Peepal tree. While some confused villagers assumed that he was downright foolish for spending time with children, other villagers believed he was without a family and all alone in the world and that's why he spent his time with the children. The soldier didn’t resort to monotonous teaching of grammar and math, he used clay and stones to teach them to count and engaging them in a wide array of activities inspiring them and pushing them to look for deeper goals in life. 

The book goes on to explain the life of a little girl who was drowning in household work but went on to achieve greatness. It is a story that inspires one to reach the skies and Naziya can’t help but feel enthused by learning the fruits of a mentor’s efforts that last children a lifetime.

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