Thursday, January 26, 2023

Reshma's Happy Ending


Reshma, an edu-leader, expresses her nostalgia when the time came to complete the tenure of her fellowship with I-saksham. She says that it was sad for her to let go of the fellowship as she had doubts about what waited for her next, she was concerned to utilize everything she learned during the tenure of the fellowship through continued perseverance in working and interacting with children, which in the end paid off. 

A few days before the batch ended she got news about a new opportunity. She was in the I-saksham office, when her colleague Ekta came to her, excitedly congratulating her on being selected to work with the TYP Foundation. Reshma expresses gratitude to both Ravi and Ekta for their support and kindness. The news left her feeling elated on the eleventh cloud. On the first day of her work with TYP, she began her training with two mentors - Apurva and Riju who were wonderful in guiding her throughout. Reshma soon learned the ropes of operating there and felt at home as their ways of functioning were very familiar to Reshma given her background in I-saksham. The procedural aspects of planning the everyday schedule and following through were found here as well. There was also teaching and learning on the go about fundamental rights and bodily autonomy that opened up new perspectives and Reshma is more than willing to learn every step of the way.

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