Thursday, January 26, 2023

Making Parents' Teachers Meeting Fun!

 Priyanjali Kumari shares with us her experience as an Edu-leader in Hasanpur.

On Thursday, the Parents Teachers Meet for the primary school was scheduled from 11 am to 1 pm. Upon the arrival of the parents, they were welcomed by the principal followed by a motivational song. Students from grades 1 and 2 were made to do simple activities and the parents were informed on the importance of storytelling and reading and how it aids in brain development as well as communication skills. Priyanjali then went on to demonstrate telling a story to the kids which impressed the parents as they got to see their child’s thinking capabilities and vocabulary live.

For students of grade 4 and 5, a presentation of songs was done to express their creativity and knowledge. Parents were encouraged to support the endeavors of their children to safeguard their interests and tap their full potential. The principal of the school then went on to thank the parents for their attendance.

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