Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Creativeness in being an Edu-leader

 Ranju Kumari, Batch-6 edu-leader is fervent to present her journey that has happened not in one single day but the process of learning, sharing, and re-learning. The day went on as usual with morning prayers and greetings, the previous activities and lessons were discussed with the children to keep track of their comprehension. Ranju uses the calendar as an effective tool to bring the children on board into the process of education and make them active receptors of information as they introspect their growth over the week and month. She observed this also helped the other edu-leaders, as well as they too, became inclined to adopt best practices and innovate their ways of reaching out to the children. Ranju was impressed when other edu-leaders volunteered themselves to perform songs and fol plays with the children as a group activity and participate in storytelling where there is a character sketch presented to the students to help them form a relationship with the character traits, then the story is told most animatedly by the edu-leader and questions are asked in the end to sink into the young ones’ mind the moral of the story and even encourage their interpretations to it. Seeing the initiative and creativity of the edu-leaders motivates Ranju further to do better every day!

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