Sunday, June 4, 2023

Claiming Identity: Empowering Girls through Self-Agency to Inspire Change and Challenge Gender Stereotypes


    One of the sessions that take place during the i-Saksham Fellowship for Community Change leaders ' Capacity Building in Leadership is about self-agency. The objective of this session is to create awareness about agency and empower individuals to take control of their lives and make positive changes.

In one such session, the girls shared their personal stories of change and empowerment, highlighting the importance of self-agency. Here is how the session in general rolls!

    To kickstart the session, a picture of Amal Hussein, a girl affected by war and malnutrition, was shared, which sparked a discussion about values, thoughts, and actions. The girls were encouraged to think deeply about the impact of their choices and actions and how they could use their agency to create positive change in their lives and communities. The session also incorporated Kamla Bhasin's writings to encourage critical thinking and reflection.

    Kamla Bhasin's stories and poems provided an opportunity for the girls to explore their beliefs and values and to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes. During the session, Rakhi shared her experience of advocating for boys and girls to study together in her school, while Rozi shared how she encouraged girls to play with boys during playtime. Nikita shared how she was the only girl in her village who goes out and does all the work, which highlighted the importance of breaking gender stereotypes and challenging traditional roles.

 During the session, the girls actively participate in heartfelt exchanges, revealing their profound awareness of how traditional gender roles confine and restrict them, leaving them helpless and reliant. Their testimonials, wherein they acknowledge these limitations and strive to challenge them, serve as a powerful source of empowerment. The session centers on instilling the importance of self-agency, critical thinking, and reflection, equipping the girls with the necessary tools to effect positive transformations in their lives and communities.

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